Does This Volvo Make My Butt Look Big?

A book for moms and other tired people.

In a perfect world, mothers would unionize. The next best thing — they’d treat themselves to a break and read this book. Does This Volvo Make My Butt Look Big? is an honest and hilarious peek behind the curtain into the messy, wonderful moments of family life. And not the lightly staged and heavily filtered ones you see on Instagram.

Columnist Annabel Monaghan writes with enough empathy to cut through the hushed gossip of the playground and enough humor to disarm a toddler with a sugar habit.

If you’ve ever lied your way through a parent-teacher conference or marveled at the cluelessness of teenagers, this book is for you. If you’ve ever quietly rooted against your own child when he was trying to win a goldfish, you’ll certainly find your truth here.

“Annabel Monaghan is wry and humorous, truthful and self-deprecating. Her writing combines the brilliance of Nora Ephron’s wit and Erma Bombeck’s madcap housewifery, with a dash of Liz Gilbert’s heartfelt girlfriend truth.”

Lee Woodruff, New York Times bestselling author of Perfectly Imperfect

“Reading Annabel Monaghan’s Does This Volvo Make My Butt Look Big? is like spending the days with a funny, affable, generous friend who gets all the absurdity in your everyday life. This charming and smart book is a must read for anyone who’s ever spent way too much of their important brain power sorting other people’s socks.”

Julie Klam, New York Times bestselling author

“Annabel Monaghan not only makes us laugh and cry with recognition, she wakes us up. These incredibly insightful essays shine a light on the craziness that is modern motherhood and by peeling away all pretense, she gives us a great gift.”

Wendy Mass, New York Times bestselling author of The Candymakers