I’m going to be 50 in exactly one year. While I may try to make some small improvements over the next 50 years, at this point I’m like Popeye – I yam what I yam. I have my good qualities, like I get an exceptional amount of stuff done every day. And my bad qualities, like not one of those things is perfectly executed.

My kitchen is cleaned every day, but not entirely. My laundry is washed, dried and folded, but never really makes it back into the drawers. I sit down to pay my bills and stamp each envelope, yet they sit on my counter for days until they actually get to the mailbox. The mailbox is 10 feet away.

Yet I survive. And I would argue that my freedom from perfectionism contributes to my productivity. As far as my domestic life goes, I am perfectly happy with a B+. However, over the holiday break when I had all of my children home, it dawned on my that this “almost” lifestyle is contagious. It seems to have reached epidemic proportions.

On one single day, I walked around my house and documented the problem: shoes two feet from the shoe basket, a roll of paper towels sitting right next to (but not in) the paper towel holder. Laundry on the floor right next to the open hamper. “Almost!” I wanted to shout. “You guys are so close!”

So on New Years Day I presented my family with a slide show titled “Almost!” What follows are photo excerpts for your enjoyment. I hold myself fully responsible.


Jeez, guys. SO CLOSE!
Nearly there!
We are truly inches away from success!