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This Just In: My Kid Got A Job!!!

As Published in The Week on June 19, 2014 Raising kids isn’t cheap. At first it’s just the basics like shelter, clothing and food, but it quickly spirals out of control into music classes, their own seat on an airplane and many, many pairs of subtly different cleats. The first time I saw the price… Continue Reading

The Siri Relationship

I enjoy my one-sided relationship with Siri. I press a button when I need something and she is always there with the correct answer or a promise of a reminder. In return, she asks nothing of me. I don’t have to respond to any of her needs. Actually, I’ve never even bothered to ask what… Continue Reading

No Sickness For the Weary Mom

As published in The Rye Record on November 1, 2013   Welcome to cold and flu season! It’s go time for moms, as the children in our houses will take turns being sick during the action packed weeks between Halloween and New Year’s Eve. Our pockets are packed with tissues, our pantries are stocked with… Continue Reading

As Time Goes By, I May Be Getting Older

As published in The Rye Record on June 7, 2013 I just saw my 7-year-old neighbor driving his parents’ car down the street. I did what any thinking, responsible adult would do. I rolled down my window, scrunched up my face, and asked, “What the heck are you doing?” “I got my driver’s license,” he… Continue Reading

What? Me Wait?

As published in The Rye Record on February 27, 2012 Some of the best people I know are waiting for college admissions decisions right now. They’ve aced all their AP courses, and taken the SAT, the ACT, and the subject tests numerous times. They’ve scoured their souls for material worthy of a personal essay. In… Continue Reading

Oh To Be A Cool Mom, Or At Least Not So Embarrasing

As published in The Rye Record on January 27, 2012 Why is that when you turn 12 your mom becomes so embarrassing? She asks too many questions, wears that blouse in front of your friends and waves goodbye in the loudest possible way. I feel the collective pain of the 12-year-old community, because when I… Continue Reading

The Blessing of a Bad Haircut

As published in The Rye Record on November 8, 2012 From the first time I cut the crusts off a peanut butter sandwich, I have been chewing on this thought: By doing too much for our kids, we’re probably doing too little. Seldom has this been more apparent to me than on a recent Saturday… Continue Reading

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