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Case Closed on the Missing Socks: All of Them!

As published in The Rye Record on April 5, 2013   There are many baffling questions we ask again and again, hoping that maybe in the afterlife their answers will be revealed to us. Why are we here? Why can’t time fly when we’re not having fun? Where did my waist go? And, of course,… Continue Reading

A Case For Polygamy

As published in The Rye Record on November 17, 2012 I’m starting to really rethink this whole monogamy thing. It sounds kind of racy, and no I haven’t met anyone, but in the aftermath of the Hurricane Sandy nightmare, I find myself in possession of sister wives. And I’m not sure I’m willing to go… Continue Reading

Deep Down, We’re All Hoarders

As published in The Rye Record on October 19, 2012 When people talk about their “guilty pleasures” I’m usually a little underwhelmed. They just seem like regular pleasures to me. They confess to eating two squares of dark chocolate in the evening. Or reading People magazine in the doctor’s office. I buy the 4-pound bag… Continue Reading

My Paper Piles Revisited: The Rise of Future Me

As published in The Rye Record on April 27, 2012 A cry for help can take many forms. Sometimes it’s a subtle as letting your roots grow out, and sometimes it’s as overt as a temper tantrum at a PTO meeting. I never knew mine would be inadvertent and take the form of an innocuous… Continue Reading

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