annabelm5-300x225Annabel is a frequent speaker at elementary, middle and high schools. She’s also recently figured out how to connect via Skype. (What will they think of next?!) Here’s how the talk goes:

A Girl Named Digit is a romance-thriller, tied together with some humor and a little math. But it’s really about coming to terms with who you are, accepting your gifts and deficiencies, and finding your place in the world. Annabel talks to students about why it took her so long to admit that she wanted to be a writer, writing fiction vs. non-fiction, how the writing process you learn in the fourth grade is almost exactly like real world publishing, why revising matters, why people make such a big deal about the cover, creating strong characters and then doing terrible things to them, why Cinderella was not an interesting character, and about why it sometimes takes so long to get interested in a book.

Screen-Shot-2013-02-25-at-8.48.23-PM-300x205“Annabel Monaghan was one of the best author visits we have had a Hommocks. She engaged students with a spirited, interactive presentation about the writing process and the challenges all writers face. Her humor and charm even won over our hard-to-reach 8th grade students. We have multiple copies of her book, A Girl Named Digit, and still have a waiting list. I should know, I’m on it!” Kelsey Cohen, Hommocks Middle School Librarian

If you’re interested in having Annabel speak at your school, please contact her by .


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