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Deep Down, We’re All Hoarders

As published in The Rye Record on October 19, 2012 When people talk about their “guilty pleasures” I’m usually a little underwhelmed. They just seem like regular pleasures to me. They confess to eating two squares of dark chocolate in the evening. Or reading People magazine in the doctor’s office. I buy the 4-pound bag… Continue Reading

Long Live Farro!

As published in The Rye Record on September 22, 2012 My sister had an electrician working in her home, and, after a long day’s work, she said to him, “Would you like some farro and chard?” He replied, to my delight, “I don’t know what any of those things are.” She had obviously hired an… Continue Reading

What? Me Wait?

As published in The Rye Record on February 27, 2012 Some of the best people I know are waiting for college admissions decisions right now. They’ve aced all their AP courses, and taken the SAT, the ACT, and the subject tests numerous times. They’ve scoured their souls for material worthy of a personal essay. In… Continue Reading

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