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Parking Lot Civility

When I first heard about the Rye Civility Initiative, my first thought was: Boy, do I live in a town with high-class problems! I mean are we really going to start worrying about something as nebulous and old fashioned as civility? How about a Fix the Potholes Initiative? Or a Teach Everyone How to Use… Continue Reading

“My Writing Process” Blog Hop

I am so happy to have been asked to follow Susie Orman Schnall, author of the novel On Grace, in the “My Writing Process” Blog Hop. I’m passing the torch to Colleen Oakes, author of the Elly in Bloom series and the Queen of Hearts saga, who will be posting on May 5. My job… Continue Reading

To Click or Not to Click: A Facebook Survival Guide

As published in The Rye Record December 6, 2013 I’m starting to really like Facebook. I like seeing what people are up to, even if it’s just what they want me to think they’re up to. I like reading the articles they post and watching the video clips that they like. I would have no… Continue Reading

I Want to Pull Back the Curtain on the Food Network

As published in The Week on November 21, 2013 Because I lost control of the clicker about a decade ago, I spend November watching a lot of football and a lot of the Food Network. My husband flips back and forth between the NFL and home-style cornbread stuffing, mesmerized by the way these TV chefs… Continue Reading

Extreme Makeover: Grocery Addition

As published in The Rye Record on October 11, 2013 Remember how you felt that time you went to the office Christmas party and met the attractive young woman that just started working with your husband? And remember how you noticed for the first time that your cocktail dress, circa 1998, was somehow too long,… Continue Reading

I’ll Admit It – I Have A Crush

As published in The Rye Record on August 22, 2013 I’m prone to crushes like some people are prone to sinus infections. As a young person, I had a crush on any boy who took the time to talk to me, and as an adult I still tend to have an overexuberance for people I… Continue Reading

The Hazards of the Bumper Sticker

As published in The Rye Record on January 12, 2013 The other night, I was driving up to my house and saw a man unloading garbage from his car into the dumpster at the construction site next door. Is this a crime? Probably. Am I the Sheriff? No. He turned his head away from my… Continue Reading

Happy Holidays Mr. Bernanke!

As published in The Rye Record on December 16, 2012 Dear Mr. Bernanke, First of all, I’m sorry to butt in. I know you’re really busy trying to figure out how to massage the economy back to life. There is no amount of money that you could pay me to do your job. But I… Continue Reading

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