"The perfect combo of Nancy Drew meets Pretty Little Liars."


A Girl Named Digit

A Girl Named Digit by Annabel MonaghanFarrah Higgins started high school with one thing on her mind: ditching the math geek image that earned her the name Digit in middle school. By her senior year she’d figured out how to fake normal and fit in with the It Girls of Samohi. And it was all good, if exhausting, until she noticed some faint numbers in the corner of her TV screen and cracked the communications system of a murderous eco-terror organization. Kidnapped by the FBI for her own protection, half in love with her captor and running for her life… can she end world terror and get life back to normal before the prom?

Praise for A Girl Named Digit

Conspiracy, humor, romance, and math puzzles are all skillfully blended elements in this clever story . . . bound to be a popular title.

This novel is so much fun to read that readers will buy it all, thanks to Farrah’s smart, witty voice and the gentle romance between John and Farrah.
— Kirkus Reviews

Teens struggling with self-identity will relate to Digit and enjoy this quick, suspenseful read.
— School Library Journal

Digit is absolutely adorable and so hilarious, both in her inner monologues and her interactions (particularly with John, the hot FBI agent assigned to protect her) and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud so many times. From her obsession with bumper stickers to her shyness about her crazy math skills, she is such an enjoyable character.
— From A to Z

This is a fast-paced, humorous story told from Digit’s point of view. Youíve got adventure, guns blazing, codes, and did I mention that really cute guy? Hey, Digit’s only a few months away from 18, right? This is a fun book that would be perfect for reading on the beach – if you don’t mind ignoring the sun and sand. It’s very hard to put down. Who knew numbers could be so much fun?
— Keen Readers

In a first novel that combines adventure, mystery, love, and humor, Monaghan shows a talent for creating a likable narrator and for keeping the pages turning.

–Booklist online

This fast-paced caper novel will appeal to readers who like their nonstop action aided and abetted by romance and humor.


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